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A lead-free plumbing future

First blog post, and many more to come! We at would be happy to hear from anyone out there with an interest or expertise in this topic. Our platform aims to educate the public and l…
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Our Vision

Everyone knows lead is poisonous. Scientists say there are no safe levels for lead in humans.

Yet, there still many instances of lead poisoning around the world.

We are creating a platform for scientists, engineers, health experts and academics to voice their concerns about lead contamination.

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Our Story

Simon Reddy visited Hong Kong in 2016, as the winner of the World Plumbing Council Scholarship.

The published scientific report identified a significant health risk from lead contamination in some public buildings in Hong Kong.

What was most interesting, was that high levels of lead in the water were found in copper pipes, rather than the often-assumed lead piping.

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Experts engaged in removing lead from the water supply.

Simon Reddy

Founder & CEO

Master Plumber with over 30 years experience working as a plumbing technician. Simon holds a PhD in Education and is specialised in teaching Further Education and researching in the field of Building Services Engineering.


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