Lead is associated with many health risks, especially in children.

Helping vocational skills teachers understand the facts about professional Lead Solder use

Aims of the article Owing to the uneven way knowledge is distributed in society, Teachers in the Vocational Skills industry are often uninformed about key changes to technical safety legislation, concerning their occupational field. This paper aims to help Teachers in plumbing, heating and gas to acknowledge the problems with lead solder and the statutory […]

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Brussels police ‘poisoned for years’ by lead in water at work

Lead in the water risk from plumbing and taps in buildings Following a lead contamination incident in a Belgian Police building, the Brussels Times reported that the Higher Consultation Committee were brought together to investigate the risk to police officers and workers. It was first believed that the reported lead in the water situation did […]

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Millions of combination boilers connected illegally to central heating systems containing toxic lead

This is the second paper in a series to support our campaign for World Health Organisation “International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week 2019” The literature The May/June (2019: 30) issue of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) Journal ‘P&H Engineering’ stated: In the reference that CIPHE make to ‘New Regulation’, they imply that […]

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Toxic Lead Solder approved by professional plumbing organisations and used widespread in UK colleges & homes

Is Lead Solder legal to use on Heating and Gas Systems? Lead in the water has found that the use of toxic lead solder is widespread in UK Further Education Colleges and by Gas Safe Registered Engineers for heating and gas pipe installations. Lead Solder appears to be approved on non-drinking water supplies in recent […]

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Reminder on World Plumbing Day: Lead in water is a real danger

It’s World Plumbing Day on 11 March and our message couldn’t be clearer: let’s get lead out of the water supply. The World Health Organisation (WHO) publish Water Quality Guidelines stating that infants and children are considered to be the most sensitive subgroups of the population and are most at risk from Lead in drinking […]

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UK training provider promotes use of lead-based solder

BPEC, ‘an industry-leading provider of qualifications, assessments and learning materials’, appear to condone the use of lead solder in their training materials. In a their publication ‘Essential Plumbing Skills Development for Copper Pipe Installation’ (page 7), which can be seen by clicking the link or the excerpt below, BPEC state that “leaded solder is beneficial to achieve early […]

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International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action – WHO

It is the World Health Organization (WHO) International lead poisoning prevention week of action between 21-27 October 2018. An important source of domestic lead exposure, particularly in children, is paint containing high levels of lead. These paints are still widely available and used in many countries for decorative purposes, although good substitutes without lead are available. […]

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