One of the main ways lead can get into (drinking) water is through plumbing systems – in your house, at work or in any public building.

UK training provider promotes use of lead-based solder

BPEC, ‘an industry-leading provider of qualifications, assessments and learning materials’, appear to condone the use of lead solder in their training materials. In a their publication ‘Essential Plumbing Skills Development for Copper Pipe Installation’ (page 7), which can be seen by clicking the link or the excerpt below, BPEC state that “leaded solder is beneficial to achieve early […]

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A lead-free plumbing future

First blog post, and many more to come! We at would be happy to hear from anyone out there with an interest or expertise in this topic. Our platform aims to educate the public and law-makers, so they can better understand the health risks associated with lead in the water and global instances of […]

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