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Our Vision

Everyone knows lead is poisonous. Scientists say there are no safe levels for lead in humans. 

Yet, there still many instances of lead poisoning around the world – with potentially disastrous consequences.

We are creating a platform for scientists, engineers, public health experts and academics to voice their concerns about lead contamination.

Our Story

Simon Reddy visited Hong Kong in 2016, as the winner of the World Plumbing Council Scholarship.

The published scientific report identified a significant health risk from lead in the water in some of Hong Kong’s public buildings.

What was most interesting, was that high levels of lead in the water were found in copper pipes, rather than the often-assumed lead piping.

Galvanic action between dissimilar metals in joints occurred in the presence of drinking water – lead in the solder joint was leached into the drinking-water supply.

The problem was exacerbated by bad workmanship and applying too much solder, heat and flux.

Having spent over 30 years working as a plumber, Simon knew that this lethal copper plumbing, with solder joints, still remained in millions of homes in the UK and possibly around the world.

To take action, Simon has set up a platform for experts to share information about examples of lead contamination around the world.

Join us on this journey. Contribute your research and spread the word about this new initiative.