October 21, 2018

International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action – WHO

It is the World Health Organization (WHO) International lead poisoning prevention week of action between 21-27 October 2018.

An important source of domestic lead exposure, particularly in children, is paint containing high levels of lead. These paints are still widely available and used in many countries for decorative purposes, although good substitutes without lead are available.

As Lead in the Water is highly concerned with lead exposure in general, we would like to support the important work of the WHO in raising awareness of the negative consequences of using lead in domestic and/or public buildings. Whether this is paint or plumbing – using lead needs to be stopped.

Read more about the WHO campaign here.

Get involved with WHO on Social Media!

You can also create your own posts on Social Media. For the international campaign addressing lead in paint, use the hashtag #BanLeadPaint. For the broader lead campaign, including local, domestic and international programs, follow #ILPPW2018.

If you are using Twitter, tag @UNEnvironment, @WHO, @EPA, @EPAallnations and @ToxicsFree to join in the conversation.